Second and third grades use McGraw Hill: Wonders ELA/ELD program. With focused whole group and centers based instruction, the Wonders Reading Writing program includes a workshop-based approach that provides students with support in a close reading of complex texts in both literary and expository genres. We have a set ELD time for all English Language learners to receive instruction based on their ELD level. 


G3’s Math Series is the  Houghton-Mifflin Go Math program. Building on the foundational skills from earlier grades, students in grades two and three work to expand their understanding of number systems based on models.  Emphasis is on solving real-world problems by developing, discussing, and using methods to compute solutions.  Fluency with procedures and algorithms is also a critical component of math in these grades.

Social Studies

G3 uses McGraw Hill: Impact curriculum. Students gain building blocks for critical thinking, develop a strong reading and writing foundation. Students expand their learning of our history in order to be responsible and active citizens. In addition, through Project-Based Learning teachers develop authentic, engaging, student-centered learning experiences in a project-based setting. Teachers incorporate opportunities for students to develop as global citizens by investigating the world, communicating ideas, recognizing different perspectives, and taking action. 


G3 has adopted Twig Science. This hands-on curriculum emphasizes integration of different areas of science, with an emphasis on understanding systems and processes, including energy transfer, ecosystems, and forms of matter.  Students are challenged to use both science and engineering to design models for real-world problems such as the need for renewable energy, earthquake-resistant buildings, and producing freshwater. Students have access to our STEM lab for six weeks, two times a year.    


G3 has incorporated Chromebooks for both second and third-grade students which allows individualized research projects as well as group work via Google Classroom.